Chief Instructor, Richard Wagener, has been training since 1972. Wagener Sensei holds a seventh degree black belt and has been appointed Shihan – (holding a Master Instructor’s Certificate from World Headquarters in Japan). Wagener Sensei focuses on strong, clean, centered technique, and stresses the relationship between weapons and empty-hand technique.

Sensei Herve Rouxel, Rokudan, instructs Thursday evening Aikido class. Sensei Rouxel has been training in Aikido since 1979.  He holds a sixth degree black belt and has been appointed Shidoin – (holding an Instructor’s Certificate from Aikido World Headquarters in Japan).  Sensei Rouxel brings with him a history in martial arts/self defense training including boxing, Goju Ryu Karate, Iaido and Kung Fu (Fu Jow Pai).  In addition to his Aikido rank, he also holds a third degree black belt in Iaido (the art of drawing the sword). His training includes training in the Muso Shiden Ryu and Aiki Toho iai (Shoji Nishio).
Sensei Jeff Vernis, Rokudan, began his aikido training under Sensei Wagener, Shihan, in 1990. He holds a sixth-degree black belt awarded by the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo Japan and holds a Shidoin instructor certification awarded by the United States Aikido Federation. Sensei Vernis brings with him a history in martial arts/self-defense training and is dedicated to promoting strong and centered technique. His classes focus on the aikido principles of harmonizing (flowing with the attack rather than resisting it), entering, breaking balance, using leverage and movement rather than strength, and ukemi practice (the art of falling). Sensei Vernis teaches the Monday evening classes. Each of his trainings teaches practical and effective aikido movements while being mindful of the skill level of those present and includes techniques that help maintain focus on self-improvement.