Palm Beach Aikikai was founded in 1981 by Sensei Richard Wagener. The dojo has 35 active members, a third of whom hold Yudansha ranking (Black Belt). New students as well as Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are welcome to train with us. We offer seven classes weekly at varied levels of ability. We also offer children’s classes beginning at age five. View our complete training schedule to find out about all classes available including Iaido training. “In our struggles to achieve a balanced existence, we are constantly looking for ways to make our lives more productive and fulfilling. One way to begin is to develop a state of mind in harmony with our surroundings. This is the way of AIKIDO.”


The basic premise of AIKIDO is that the mind and body act together. The movements of AIKIDO are designed to coordinate the defending and attacking bodies so that the force of attack can be diverted harmlesssly and redirected. In this way, AIKIDO harmonizes all motion in a positive way instead of trying to conflict with or stop aggression. AIKIDO students gain a deeper knowledge of many aspects of themselves. They learn concentration and relaxation; they develop sensitivity, coordination and perception; they build stamina and self-confidence as well as maintain cardiovascular fitness.



Chief Instructor


Chief Instructor, Richard Wagener has been training since 1972 . Wagener Sensei holds a seventh degree black belt and has been appointed Shihan – (holding a Master Instructor’s Certificate from World Headquarters in Japan). Wagener Sensei focuses on strong, clean, centered technique, and stresses the relationship between weapons and empty-hand technique. Aikido Weapons DVD featuring Richard J. Wagener, Shihan 6th Dan Aikido is known by its taijutsu or empty-hand techniques. However, the taijutsu movements are based upon the movements of the ken. It is a harmonious blending of the two that creates a single Aikido. This DVD is intended to help explain the basic weapons requirements for students of the Palm Beach Aikikai. It was produced with the intention of being used in your actual practice. Therefore each exercise is repeated several times for you to watch and mimic, as you would do in the dojo.



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